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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Import Blogger Blogs to Wordpress - Problem Resolved

Hi guys, wordpress 2.2.2 has a problem of importing blogger blogs to wordpress. It happens when you get an error saying, "We were not able to gain access to your account. Try starting over."

This problem can be resolved only in custom wordpress installations i.e. you have your own domain on which you have installed wordpress (downloaded from http://www.wordpress.org/).

After login through FTP (Example FTP client is filezilla) to your web hosting provider, locate the folder where you have installed wordpress. In my case, I have installed it in a folder called "blog".

Locate the folder "wp-admin". Inside wp-admin, select a folder called "import". Open the "import" folder. There's a file called "blogger.php". Download the file to your computer. Open the file in any of the popular text editors and go to line number 87. It looks like the first screenshot.

[Click the image for a bigger screenshot]

Line number 87 is highlighted in blue. Change "www2.blogger.com" to "www.blogger.com" (Refer to screenshot below). Save the file and upload it to the same folder from where you downloaded it.

[Click the image for a bigger screenshot]

Have fun! :-)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Digg: Google's next acquisition?

Everybody among the geek circles would definitely know of Digg. The one stop for all news; especially technology. Yes, digg has now accumulated so much information that it gives out relevant search results for many technology queries, in some cases better than Google. Here are it's few advantages.

1. All diggs/links are user generated.
2. Most relevant search results are relevant.
3. Since everything is user generated, digg has a wealth of information regarding user behaviour, browsing habits and a whole lot of other things. You can even call a "mini" google history of the guys who digg the posts.
4. It's an awesome complement for the existing search technologies.
5. Top diggs are comparable to the first page results of google search.

There are more, but I'm unable to think of them now.

May be it's a superb acquisition target for Google :-)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Port Redirection for MT880 Routers

Hi guys, I use the MT880 Huawei router for my broadband connection. I use the connection not as a dialled one as mentioned here but as a gateway; meaning, you can just open your favourite browser and start surfing the internet.

When I use the router as a gateway, I cannot give my system IP address to my friends to test any webpage because the router acts as a proxy. The only solution for this is port redirection. Port redirection means that a request on a particular system on a particular port will be redirected to another system on another port.

I had been trying in and out to configure the "Virtual Server" section to redirect to my system but in vain. Today, I found an excellent tutorial in one of the forum threads at vinuthomas.com, explaining the steps to achieve the same. I have downloaded the tutorial and uploaded it again on my server. Download it here and enjoy configuring your MT880 router to run your own web applications.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Hi guys, due to some mess with mysql and apache and therefore unable to uninstall mysql, I looked thro' the registry to search the entry that was important enough to remove the apache and mysql services.

On the way, I discovered a tool called "sc.exe". Deleting a service has never become easier that that command :D

1. Start->Run->cmd
2. sc delete service_name - where service_name is the service to be removed.

To find the service name,

1. Start->Run->services.msc
2. Find the service. The 1st column contains the service name. Use this in the sc command.

Read more about the sc.exe command.